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T-Mobile’s CEO responds to Verizon’s Unlimited plan in a Tweetstorm

T-Mobile didn’t even make it a day without responding to Verizon’s newly announced unlimited plan. T-Mobile’s restructured their basic One plan to better compete against Verizon. They’ve stopped throttling video from 480p to HD, which I assume is 720p now. They’ve also added 10GB of tethering data, compared to previously only allowing 3G tethering speeds.

The changes match Verizon’s new plans, but where T-Mobile excels is through price. The One plan is all inclusive for only $70, while Verizon’s plan is $85 plus tax (Around $90). The shift changes by John Legere is a win for consumers.

Comparison T-Mobile and Verizon

T-Mobile Answered Verizon’s Unlimited Plan

For $70, you cannot get a better unlimited for any other carrier. While Sprint offers a lower priced unlimited plan, they’re speeds and coverage is still below all the other mobile carriers. T-Mobile has started claiming their network speeds are as fast, if not faster than Verizon’s offerings. The new features will start rolling out to existing and new subscribers on Feb 17th.

The upgrades bring the company One Plus plan into question. Everything they brought to the basic plan was a part of the premium, $25 extra a month plan. The only extra you get from the premium plan is international data. What it looks like is we’re left with a single plan which would simplify their offerings to even less than before.

We’ll have to wait and see what T-Mobile does on Feb 17th. They’ll have to offer press releases and better explain their future moves. It’s unclear what they’re aiming for now that Verizon has shaken up the industry after walking back from saying no one wants unlimited data.

Are you going to switch to T-Mobile or downgrade from their premium plan to their basic plan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!