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Not just Unlimited data, Verizon limited data

Verizon forced grandfathered unlimited data customers off their unlimited plans to limited plans last year. The move was mainly targeted at customers using over 100GB of data but also users who wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone. Now Verizon is resurrecting the “unlimited” data plan for customers starting tomorrow, February 13th!

If you’re a current customer, you’re able to upgrade your limited data plan to the new unlimited plans. New customers can also jump onto the unlimited plans if they’re interested in using a ton of data each month.

Verizon unlimited isn’t unlimited at all

For $80 a month you’ll get unlimited data, but you’ll need to opt into paper billing and auto payment. Verizon is also putting a 22GB marker on the unlimited plans. After the marker users could have their data throttled to relieve network congestion. Mobile hotspot is included but only up to 10GB of 4G speeds. After that, your hotspot will get throttled to 3 GB.

Tomorrow we’ll see if Verizon has any other fine print for their new plans. The company isn’t doing away with their 5GB, S, M, L bucket plans, unlike how T-Mobile did. They still believe everyone will not want to pay high prices for data they won’t always use. I’ve personally stayed away from Verizon because they’re a CDMA network which makes it hard to switch phones out. AT&T and T-Mobile make it easy changing phones by swapping out a SIM card.

T-Mobile is pushing all the other carriers to try new and less expensive options for customers. What Verizon is doing with their unlimited plans is dirty for customers who had grandfathered plans, but overall the only option. We will need unlimited plans as more of our world revolves around connected devices. I always compared talk and text going from limited to unlimited to how data will do the same thing over the next couple of years. We’ll have to see what ISP and mobile carriers do.

Tell us your thoughts! Are you going to get Verizon’s new unlimited plans or stay on the limited data plans they offer?



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