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I’m looking into investing in Snap Inc

Snap Inc has filed their S-1 papers with the SEC for their $3 billion IPO. The company had to reveal a lot of their inner workings from revenue, yearly losses, and plans for plans for their hardware. At a glance, Snap Inc is bleeding money, something we cannot ignore. We can put it on the back burner because Snap has potential to become a new media platform. Their user growth is slowing, but they’re introducing features to make the platform more usable for the Facebook generation of users.

We also saw information around Spectacles. There is going to be a bigger roll out of the sunglasses, but we don’t know much more. There’s also a huge worry that Instagram/Facebook will take away users with their Snapchat like features. I for one have been using Instagram Stories more often, but I’m still hooked on Snapchat.

Snap Inc Snapchat unique viewer decrease
What does it all mean? I’m interested in investing. Yes, even though their user growth is slowing and there losing money, I see a platform with so much potential. Snapchat is the place where I can connect with friends and consume media at the same time. I follow brands, celebrities, and sometimes browse the Discover tab.

All of this means I want to put my money where I believe a new platform is emerging where everyone is going to use it. I don’t see the scale of Facebook but something slightly smaller and more personal. As more information about the IPO become available, I’ll continue to explore investing in the company.

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