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Google Assistant coming to Nexus 6P and 5X in “major” update

Finally! Google Assistant is possible going to make its way to the Nexus 6P and 5X in the next “major” update. What is the next “major” update coming for the 6P and 5X though? Well, many Android enthusiasts claim it’s Android O. This update is likely what will bring Google Assitant to LG’s newest phone (LG G6), and possibly even Samsung phones.

Stephen Hall of 9to5Google first reported that Google Assistant would come to those last generation Nexus devices. While there aren’t any sources mentioned, we’re inclined to believe his industry contacts told him the info in good faith. Google Assistant has slowly made its way onto other devices, most recently the Nvidia Shield.

If Android O brings Google Assistant to other phones, replacing Google Now, then we should expect the software update around or after Google I/O.

My concern with Google Assistant is how Google handles the voice assistant. They haven’t brought a lot of features of Google Now to the Assistant, making it feel old and somewhat broken. Not to mention how the Assitant on the Google Home doesn’t even have reminders or other core features. Google needs to roll together Assistant and Google Now. It makes the Assitant full featured and everything less confusing.

The Assitant is still lagging behind on features when compared to Amazon’s Alexa. Developers have access to Google’s API, but they’re slowing developing functions. Once more features come to the Assistant it’ll become more useful, and maybe Google will add reminders to the Home.

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve used Google Assitant or if you’re even excited for the Assistant on your phone.