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24: Google Voice, Trump FCC, and more battery fires

Welcome, Episode 24

We’re locking down dates and times to not only record but release the podcast. I’ve included links to all the articles we talked about or that I included for Sunny in Slack.

Google Voice Update:…ler-weve-wanted/

Track Trump’s first 100 days in office with this website:…partisan-website/

Trump wants to investigate massive voter fraud:

A national park was tweeting facts amidst a government media blackout:…ate-change-in-de

Government agencies have a social media gag order:…alth-agriculture

New FCC chair intends to destroy the internet as we know it:…-net-neutrality

Hugo Barra is now at Facebook for VR:…for-vr-25472997/

Google I/O May 17th to 19th:…cavenger-hunt/

HP battery recall:…teries-recalled/


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