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LinkedIn launches a Facebook-esque redesign

LinkedIn has become a place to share insightful business articles, op-eds, and case studies among colleagues and other industry professionals. The site is no longer just a place to find a job, but to build your professional brand. As such, LinkedIn has rolled out a new modern design which focuses on content and conversations on the site.

The changes include:

  • Large icons at the top of the site for easier navigation.
  • Facebook-like chat windows that are persistent no matter where you are on linked in.
  • LinkedIn will encourage conversations on its site by suggesting people chat with if you have a connection at a company.
  • The feed has been fine-tuned with a combination of algorithm and humans. The company promises new ways for reading about specific topics you care about too.
  • A single universal search bar for everything across the site (as opposed to a different one for each section).
  • Insights on who’s reading the content you share.
  • More suggestions on how to tidy up your profile.

The new Facebook-esque design will be familiar and welcome to new users who are used to Facebook. Anything that gets you to use the site when you’re not job hunting or otherwise looking for employment. I have a bad habit of only checking LinkedIn when someone mentions someone’s new job, or I have been linked to an article. Otherwise, LinkedIn isn’t a place I think about frequently on a daily basis.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about LinkedIn’s new design and whether you frequent the site when you’re not looking for a job.


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