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Waves NX brings surround sound to your headphones

Waves Audio has been a leading developer of audio plugins for professionals and consumers audio markets for decades now. They understand audio unlike anyone else, giving them an understanding of how audio should hear when your listen at home or on the go with headphones. This passion and knowledge led them to launch their first consumer product – Waves NX. They also have a VR game, Racket NX, which makes VR more immersive with the same technology in the Wave NX.

First, let’s talk about Waves NX. The little gadget attaches to your over the headphones to track your head movements. The device, connected over Bluetooth, tells the Waves NX app how to adjust the audio for your headphones. The mobile app works with Soundcloud and your local music, and soon Spotify. On the desktop app, the gadget collaborates with any audio sources. The sound adjustments make any pair of headphones sound like they have surround sound systems in them – keeping the sound stationary when you move your head. It’s an interesting way to listen to music, podcasts, movies, or other audio. I plan on using the gadget over the next few weeks to get a full understand of how it sounds and how it affects all my listening.

They’re VR game, Racket NX, was the demo I was looking forward too. The game is a futuristic racquetball game where you’ll have 3D audio. When the ball moves around the game, you’ll hear it move all around. This makes the game extra immersive and could provide the next level of immersion in VR.  The game is an early demo, but they’re working on a more advanced version with One Hamsa, which will have multiplayer and small updates. They’re hoping they can build an esports community around the game. I see it as being very possible, and something I’d like to get into myself.

Waves NX is pushing the consumer audio market forward with their NX plugin and their VR Racket NX game. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Waves Audio.

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