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GeniCan makes any trash can smart

GiniCan helps you shop smart, at least that’s what they’re pitching to families with their new smart camera and the included app. The magnetic camera snaps onto practically any trash can whether it has a bag or is metal or plastic. The product is simple – you’ll scan the barcode of anything you throw away, which automatically adds the item to a shopping list. If you’re throwing away something without a barcode, say an orange, you’ll hold the orange to the camera and then say what the item is.

The GeniCam will work on any trashcan, at least that’s their claims. I’m skeptical if the GeniCan will work on trash cans with lids, as they only do demos without lids and never show any trash cans with lids on them. I often have garbage bins with lids, but I’d be willing to switch if the GeniCan helped make my shopping easier. The app works with Amazon Dash Replenishment, making it easy to auto reorder things like dish soap, laundry detergent, and other items.

The idea is similar to fridge cams taking photos of what’s in the refrigerator, making it easier to know what you have. The GeniCan idea takes a wildly different approach, by scanning what you throw away – you know what you need when it’s gone. While you won’t know what your low on, it gives you more time to look for what’s low in the fridge.

GeniCan is available for $125 right now but will retail for $149. Tell us what you think about the GeniCan in the comments below!

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