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Lucid Cam – low cost 3D VR option without cutting corners

VR was another big winner of CES with Google Daydream, the Gear VR, and handfuls of other VR headsets sold alongside phones. Although there are scores of ways to consumer VR content; there isn’t an easy way to create and share VR videos and photos. The Lucid Cam is meant to break through all the noise and offer one of the most affordable and capable 3D VR options. One Lucid Cam shoots 180 degrees immersive 2K video or takes 4K photos. The camera is only $399, still expensive but cheaper than others with the same robust feature set.



  • 4K Images (jpg)
  • 2K/60fps Videos mp4
  • 1.5-hour battery
  • 180 x 180-degree field of view
  • Stereo speakers with dual mics
  • Micro SD support

The Lucid Cam will stream to Facebook, Periscope, and other platforms once they all start to support the camera. When you only shoot with one Lucid camera, you’ll have the luxury of only streaming 50mb files compared to other VR cameras that stream 1GB files in mere minutes. This is because they’re only streaming 180-degrees, which is still immersive. Lucid will soon offer a case that’ll let you link together three cameras to stream, or take 360-degree photos – it’s similar to what GoPro does with their action cameras.

The Lucid Cam mainly caught my eye because you can take eye level photos or video in a similar way to what you’d see in real life. The small file size also makes it an appealing solution not to blow through your data plan. The Gear 360, which only works with Samsung phones, cost $299 which is cheaper and can stream 360-degree video right out of the box. The Lucid Cam is the best alternative to the Gear 360 for any other non-Samsung phone.

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