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USPS made a ornament to help you track all your holiday packages

Shipping anything during the holiday season is absolute hell these days – everything takes a while to ship, tracking is a pain and the shipping cost more than the gift. This year USPS is putting a fun holiday spin on tracking your packages with a “tracking ornament” officially called “The Most Wonderful Ornament.”

The Christmas decoration works by tracking a package you shipped through a series of colors – blue means out for delivery, red means delivered, and green means the box has been opened. The shipping box has a cellular system and sensor to know when it’s opened, making for a fun tracking system. It beats looking up the tracking info on your phone or computer.

There isn’t any way to buy the nifty ornament, nor is there any plans to roll this out widespread. I’d be willing to splurge on a shipment with this little ornament if I could use it for all my tracking needs, even throughout the year.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the ornament, and whether you’d be willing to buy one!?