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Xbox One update relieves slow download woes

Have you experienced slow game downloads? – A 60GB game could take hours on end, even if you had fast internet? Well, Microsoft has issued an update for the Xbox One to speed up downloads. The update is just in time for the holidays when everyone will get new games and have dozens of downloads.

The update will help connections faster than 100 Mbps get download speeds that are up to 80 percent faster, while those with sub-100 Mbps connections will see improvements of up to 40 percent.

The update also includes improvements to background downloads when you have a spotty connection. A problem many users have faced – they’ll turn their Xbox off, come back and have dozens of downloads. Streaming music apps will work smoother, and the wireless controllers will have a better connection with the Xbox.

All total, these updates are minor but needed. It’ll help gamers feel better when they’re downloading dozens of games after Christmas. Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever experienced slow downloads, and if this update has helped you!