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Instagram’s copying of Snapchat is working

Instagram has been dominating social media over the past months with them blatantly copying Snapchat’s features. Instagram appears to be better at being Snapchat than Snapchat is at being themselves. The Instagram app has all the features of Snapchat, plus the backing of Facebook’s money and technology.

Many outspoken critics have said the copying on Snapchat wouldn’t work, but now it looks like, in fact, the changes are working. The company is reporting 600 million monthly active users, up from 500 million in July. They haven’t updated the stats on how many daily active users, which was at 300 million when they last updated us. There was likely no signification change to the daily active users or not enough change for them to brag about it.

Either way, Instagram and Facebook are becoming an unstoppable force in the social media space. Facebook has a lock on live video, with Instagram starting to experiment, and brands looking towards the platform to advertise. If you break it down – Facebook Messenger has 1 billion active users, Whatsapp also has 1 billion users, and Facebook proper is closing in on 2 billion users.

Are you using Instagram more with all the new features?

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