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Bridge is a AR and VR headset for your iPhone

At first glance, VR and AR innovation is happening with the Vive, Rift, and Hololens but in fact, it’s all happening on your phone. It’s going on with Google Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR. Those are the best Android VR, AR options around. The iPhone hasn’t had a VR headset that was functional and elegant enough to draw the attention of developers and customers. Luckily, there is one company – Occipital –¬†working on an AR, VR headset built exclusively for the iPhone.

The Bridge has a structure sensor which helps the headset map a room to interact with everything around you. You’re able to map small environments such as a bedroom or living room to have room-scale, but larger environments like a warehouse or park could be mapped shortly.

The Bridge uses the iPhone 6/S or 7 to power all the mapping and games, which you might think is limiting compared to a high powered computer. You’d be slightly wrong. The iPhone is a powerful pocket computer, which also has a high-resolution¬†screen. The software uses the resolution of the full screen, with no upscaling or trickery. Going with the iPhone might seem odd, particularly since Apple doesn’t have open API’s or is willing to let developers run free on iOS. However, the usage of iOS means more developers might be willing build for the VR platform.

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