Simulate running a startup with ‘Unicorn Startup Simulator’

Ever dream about building a billion dollar startup one day? Well, Unicorn Startup Simulator is a game that’ll let you try and build a billion dollar startup. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up playing dozens of times and having your startup fail because your employees are unhappy or you ran out of money.

Employees are asking for raises, competitors copying your product, office parties with weed, meetings with Elon Musk, tweets by Lady Gaga, and so on. The cards feel shrewd and something Silicon Valley would satire.  Either way, the game is a fun time to try and build a billion dollar company in a year.

The game works relatively easy. You are prompted with a card that’ll either affect your employee’s happiness or your companies valuation and along the way each card moves your time for each month. My high score was 520 million, but I’m going to keep playing, in hopes, I’ll build a billion dollar business.


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