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Seagate offers a 1TB hard drive that backs up data to Amazon

If you’re buying a modern laptop from a Dell XPS, Macbook, or other ultrabooks; you’ll find the small SSDs fill up quickly. A 128GB SSD or even a 256GB SSD isn’t enough space to hold photos, videos, and documents these days. There are HHDs or small USB flash drives that have a low profile, so you’re able to always keep the device plugged in. The problem with these storage devices is they can be lost, corrupted, or otherwise lose the data stored on them. Luckily Amazon understands the pain point of lost data. They’ve partnered with Seagate to simplify the backup process and keep all your files safe. The Seagate Duat is a 1TB portable hard drive that automatically backups to Amazon Drive.

The hard drive is $99, and available for preorder with a ship date of December 10th.

The drive delivers 1TB of storage, quick local transfer speeds and offline access in a slim, lightweight design. In addition, new Amazon Drive customers will receive one free year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage1, providing them unlimited storage for photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music. The Seagate Duet easily syncs all data on the drive to the cloud, giving customers dual backup along with access almost anywhere using Amazon Drive.

The backup service isn’t entirely free either – Amazon Drive cost $60 a year, with unlimited storage of videos, photos, and documents. When you buy the Duet, you get the first year free, making the HHD a great deal.

I’m going to pick up the hard drive because I want to keep all my files backed up, but I also want to get a free year of Amazon Drive. Now what I want is Google to offer a similar HHD which works with Google Drive; a service I use vastly more often than Amazon Drive.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to buy the Seagate Duet for the Amazon Drive backup service!