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Amazon’s going to Frankenstein the Fire tablet and Echo together

Rumors are starting to fly around Amazon is building a new premium Amazon Echo with a large 7-inch touchscreen. The two undisclosed sources talked to Bloomberg claiming the new Echo would ditch the upward cylindrical design for a titled design, specifically intended to hold the new 7-inch screen.

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The idea Amazon has is users will have easier access to weather, news, and other info they ask Alexa constantly. It sounds like Amazon is going to mash together their popular Fire tablet line together with an Echo, and hope for the best. The new Echo would live on the kitchen counter or a coffee table, standing out from everything else. This design choice is the opposite direct Google took with their air freshener designed Google Home.

While the details of the new device are scarce, we know Amazon will likely release the device in early 2017. Bloomberg also reports Amazon will include better speakers, and cost more than the $180 current model. The hefty price could and likely will cause a lot of consumers to choose the Echo Dot or Echo Tap based on price.

Have you tried the Amazon Echo or Google Home, or are you waiting for Apple’s answer to the market – tell us in the comments below your thoughts!

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