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Make any video circular, just like Spectacles

The hype around Snap(chat) Spectacles revolves around how the company is disputing their new hardware accessory to the app. You’re only able to buy Spectacles through a vending machine which pops up at random locations around the country – when I say “around the country,” I mean Calfornia, and so far, Oklahoma and Arizona. This has created scarcity and hype around Spectacles, but also function for many Snapchat users who want to get their hands on the sunglasses.

The video produced from Spectacles can be used on Snapchat or exported to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. On the sunglasses, the camera lens has an 115-degree wide angle lens which creates a circular video when exported. On Snapchat the video lets users rotate the phone and still have the same image whether the phones horizontal or portrait mode.

Now one developer has created a tool which allows you convert any video to one of the Spectacles like circular video. There are a few format issues when converting the video, but otherwise, it’s a fun experience to trick friends into thinking you have a pair of Spectacles.  You’re able to upload videos, record through your webcam, or link to an existing YouTube video.

The Medium article written by the developer explains how to share the videos, and convert them to a proper format. Tell us in the comments below what videos you’re going to convert and whether you’ve tried to pick up a pair of Snapchat Spectacles!


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