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Google PhotoScan turns old physical photos into high quality digital images

Google Photo app is an excellent way to backup all your photos to the cloud whether you’re on iOS or Android. Google isn’t just storing the photos it auto backs up; the app offers auto-magic GIFs, collages, albums, and optimized photos. The problem for anyone older than 20 is many of our photos are still physical copies in our parent’s house. The photos aren’t easy to digitize either, you either have to manually scan thousands of photos or send them off to a service to digitize them.

Except you may have a free and seamless way to do it yourself with the help of Google’s new PhotoScan app. As the name entails, the app allows you to scan real¬†images right on your phone and make sure they aren’t blurry or have a high glare from light.

The app takes you through the process of scanning your images. You’ll simply hover the phone over the photo, align the dots above the print, and ‘”scan” the real photo. The app uses machine learning to take multiple images and create a final decent looking photo. While the photos are only 3 to 6 megapixels, the pictures look high quality.

The app will likely come in handy as we travel back home and look at childhood photos, and want to share them on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear if you’ve tried the app and how the¬†photos looked when you scanned them into Google Photos.

Get the app today for Android and iOS.

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