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Review of the RooSport PowerPocket – A fanny pack for the modern age

As comfortable as athletic gear may be, it does not mix well with technology. You want to bring your phone along on runs or long plane flights, but the pockets are too loose to risk carrying your phone in them. While arm straps try to solve this problem, they only allow you to carry your phone and not other things such as a wallet or keys. This is where RooSport is trying to change the game with the PowerPocket — a removable pocket that can also charge your device. I got a chance to review this product so let’s see how well it functions.

The Good

The RooSport PowerPocket is advertised as “a fanny pack reinvented for 2016” and I found that to be an accurate way to describe it. It does look a bit like a fanny pack, but there is no worry that people will look at you funny because of the discreet design. The pocket is actually split into a large and small pocket, where the large one will be hidden inside of your athletic shorts or pants, and the small pocket is clipped on the waistline with a very strong magnet. There is no proper way to wear it, but I found it to be pretty comfortable on the side.

How to wear the PowerPocket

As you guessed it, your phone and other large items can go in the large pocket, and while you also have a small pocket for other things, that is where the Power in PowerPocket comes into play. You get a 3000 mAh battery pack that is designed to fit inside the small pocket, with cables for both iPhone and Android. It’s nothing fancy, but it works well for recharging your device on the go. I like how this was added in as a separate battery pack, because I like the choice of not taking it with me and thus make the pocket slimmer and lighter.

Overall, there is a lot to like about this product. It’s a simple design that makes it easy to install, and the pocket is large enough to carry giant phones like my Nexus 6P. I never had the worry that my phone would fall out and I felt comfortable while running with it.

The Bad

There were only two issues that I found with it, which I want to quickly cover because I don’t find them to be deal breakers as they are quite subjective. First, the magnet is really strong. I mean it’s really strong. While that is a good thing for keeping the pocket secure, it does make it a bit dangerous if you make the mistake of putting your finger near it while closing. I pinched my skin a couple of times before learning to pull on the tab instead. Second, while large phones fit, keep in mind that the pocket won’t look so discreet afterwards. This wouldn’t normally be an issue with jeans or other types of clothing, but athletic shorts are another story.

Is this pocket a game changer?

The RooSport PowerPocket revisits the fanny pack to provide a stylish solution to a real problem. I’ve avoided wearing athletic clothing because I’ve constantly had my phone slip out of them numerous times, but now I will for sure use this while being active or going on long plane flights. You can get your copy of the RooSport PowerPocket on their Kickstarter campaign. They offer multiple options including just the pocket and in different colors, starting at $25.

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