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Jamboard: Google’s new 4K digital whiteboard

Jamboard by Google is a 4K digital whiteboard with Google Doc-esque collaboration built in. Google’s changing the way we think of whiteboards and projectors with Jamboard. The idea isn’t new; Microsoft had a similar project called the Surface Hub, but it was never realized. Either way, the Jamboard is another Google hardware project that targets enterprise users; remember the Chromebox?

While there have been other smart whiteboards, there hasn’t been on that offered the level of collaboration Google’s capable of. The search engine giant has perfected real-time editing on Google Drive, Hangouts, and other of their products.

The idea of having a single-use device is a little limiting when you can buy a 4K touchscreen TV of similar size for the less, and buy a desktop computer to work with it. The board will appeal to companies or startups with a small local team, and other members of the team working remotely. You’re able to draw, leave notes, add images, and change anything on the whiteboard as others add or remove content.

The 55-inch 4K screen will retail later this year for $6,000, which means it far outside of my budget unless you want to loan us $6,000?

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Jamboard, and whether this is something you’d rather use over a traditional whiteboard!

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