Felix Gray computer glasses are stylish and keep your eyes safe while you stare at a computer screen

Staring at a computer screen all day, whether you’re a designer, developer, journalist, or an increasing number of employees working behind computer screens, you’ve experienced eye fatigue at the end of the day. There are glasses to help keep your eyes safe and prevent them from tiring after a long day of work. They’re mainly geared towards gamers and look geeky.

You don’t have to look dorkier than you need to when you’re working behind your screen out in public. Felix Gray offers non-prescription glasses that help anyone who stares at a computer screen all day. They offer the same protection as the glass above but look much more stylish:

The glasses look like, well, normal glasses that someone would wear if they needed prescriptions. There are three different frames with multiple color options, but the only problem is they’re in such high demand they won’t ship until December.

The glasses are worn in offices like Linkedin, Github, and hundred of other startups where employees stare at computer screens all day long. You could also wear them at a bank, large office, or at a coffee shop without anyone noticing.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to buy a pair of these glasses, and whether you’ve used the other gaming glasses before.


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