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Let’s Hunt on Product Hunt

Each week I round up the best product on Product Hunt for you to check out. There are dozens of new podcasts, hundreds of new apps, and many more products launched on Product Hunt Each week. It’s hard to keep up, but luckily for you, I spend most my day lurking on the site. There were many more hunts I wanted to include, but these were the top ones I loved.

If you don’t know what Product Hunt is, I wrote a little description to help you understand:

Product Hunt is a service where you can share and discover new products. The site was founded byRyan Hoover in November of 2013, with funding from Y Combinator. The basis of the site is users submit a fresh podcast, an innovative app, other tech products, or wild gadgets. From there other users upvote the products onto the front page. The whole process feels a lot like Reddit but with a focus towards discovering products within the technology community.

I’m active on Product Hunt as @leonhitchens, where you can follow me!

Let’s hunt together!

Workplace by Facebook

Slack has become a go to messaging client for newsrooms, startups, and even families. They’ve cornered the market, and while there are competitors they haven’t made a dent in Slack’s market share. Facebook is creeping into Slack’s territory with Workplace by Facebook, which feels more like a Salesforce killer more than anything. It’s $3 per employee and undercuts Slack by $5.

Tribe 2.0

We have AI power messaging apps from Messenger to iMessage, but we don’t have any AI video apps. The app feels a lot like a personal assistant with video messaging being the only way to communicate. You’re able to send a video about going out to eat, say at Olive Garden, and the app will help you make a reservation. There are dozens of other ways to use the augmented service, but it’s a lot of fun and extremely useful.

Periscope producer

Periscope for a long time was the only place where you would find users creating amateur live streams, but with more users online, we’ve seen newscasters and even Congress use the app. Then they also have to contend with Facebook Live which companies like Buzzfeed use to stream live events that garner millions of live viewers. The Twitter-owned company has released some producer tools to help anyone produce higher quality live streams.

Modal VR

The creator of Atari has launched a VR company called Modal VR. The new device/software they’ve developed can work with larger room-scale areas than the Vive or Rift and can track up to 10 players at once. This device could be deployed at theme parks, movie theaters, or with Esports one day. While it’s pricey, the technology and capabilities are exciting in a time when VR games and experiences are so new and fresh.

Nold Open

Garage openers are a must if you live in the burbs, but you can easily lose them in a purse or even your car. Losing clicker is a big problem, but many times there is only one or two with the box. With the Nold Open you can let anyone access the garage door or gate, and even remotely open it for guest. The device works with most gates and garage doors and operates on both iOS and Android.

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