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Samsung’s fireproof Note 7 return box is bonkers

Folks, if you have a Note 7, whether it’s an original or replacement model, you need to stop using it and completely power it down. The phones have been bursting into flames and overheated when it’s charging and has even burst into flames when it wasn’t being used or charged. Samsung is finally now recalling the Note 7, which means you’ll need to ship the phone back to them.

Sending the phone back in the mail may cause a few problems, or at least cause some to worry. So Samsung is sending Note 7 owners a thermally insulated box with some snazzy gloves to help you send the device back. It’ll keep all the non-explosive mail safe from fire, and keep everyone safe. It’s unclear where the phones are being shipped to or how well the box will prevent the phone from causing damage.

Maybe one day they’ll find all the Note 7 phones in a landfill, and we’ll have a slice of history. Either way, Samsung is trying to keep everyone safe and calm in one of the largest cellphones recalls in consumer history. Now, Samsung will have to battle with customers thinking every Samsung phone will explode, but also if they’ll be able to bring the Note 7 back without a huge loss.

Do you have a Note 7? Have you already returned the phone or have you received a thermal line boxed? Tell us in the comments below!

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