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Sharp made a bezel-less smartphone with truly curved edges

The iPhone 7, Pixel, and dozens of other smartphones look stunning, but they could look slightly better if the bezel were removed or made as minimal as possible. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge does this with a slightly curved screen at the edges, and laptops like the Dell XPS 13 has an infinity screen with a tiny bezel that’s virutlly unnoticeable.

Sharp has recently shown off their latest display technology called Corner R, and this is what it looks like:

Sharp Bezel-less smartphone

The rounded corners at the top are possible thanks to Free-Form Display technology, which allows more shapes than simple rectangles. What’s astonishing about the design is it feels like your only holding a screen in your hand. The problem with Corner R and other Sharp displays is their they’re only proof of concept, making it hard to get off the show floor and into consumer products.

The problem with the bezel-less design is accidental contact with your screen and other false touches. Samsung has worked the problem out with software, and possible what other Android makers would need to implement.

Maybe if the Pixel phones had bezel-less designs; more of the tech press wouldn’t have been so bullish around the iPhone-esqe design. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Corner R display from Sharp, and whether you’d like the display on your future phone.

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One response to “Sharp made a bezel-less smartphone with truly curved edges”

  1. The freeform display looks awesome around the rounded corners. The Sharp Aquos Crystal taken to the next level. The same problem applies though: where to put the front camera. Also, the navigation buttons really don’t do the phone justice! They’ve managed to get the display electronics a lot smaller now, with a much slimmer bezel at the bottom than the Sharp Aquos Crystal. Maybe having navigation buttons off-screen would look neater, although they wouldn’t have space for their logo.