Listen with us: The Science of Social Media Podcast

Buffer, the social media analytics and publishing tool, is pushing further into podcasting with the introduction of the “Science of Social Media” podcast where they interview some of the best marketers, brands, and business that are leading the charge of how we perceive brands on social media.

From my spot, I’m able to learn and understand what other brands are doing, but I’m also able to see behind the marketing spin that I’m often pitched when I hear about a new product. At the same time,  if you’re even remotely interested in social media or building your personal brand; the podcast will help you learn about building your brand or give you resources to grow your businesses brand.

While it sounds like the podcast would drone on about business and social media, they manage to keep it fun, interesting, and still insightful. They’re giving you actionable resources and tip, that other entrepreneurs and brands have successfully used on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I’m excited to see what else Buffer has in store for us, whether it’s another podcast or maybe some new social management tools. Tell us in the comments below what you thought about the podcast, and don’t forget to tell them we sent you there way!


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