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Watch Google’s “#Madebygoogle” event live

Today, Google’s going to announce a slew of new products under the “Made by Google” moniker. Long gone is the Nexus brand, in exchange, you’ll get more expensive better marketed Google phones. You can watch the live event here, as we update the site with the latest information.

What Google is expected to launch:

  • Not so secret Pixel Phones (We know everything about them frankly)
  • Google Home with Google Assistant, aka better Amazon Echo
  • Google Daydream, their new cardboard project
  • A 4K Chromecast with a Google logo
  • Google Wifi, a smarter home wifi system
  • Google Magic, something with the new Pixel phones

Sure we know a lot of what’ll be announced, but we still only have pieces of information from each project. Google could announce more secretive,¬†unleaked info at the event to get our blood pumping.

Stay close to your computers, and tell us in the comments below what you think about Google’s new Made by Google branding!

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