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Google Wifi is a new modular router

Let’s face it; Wifi routers suck. Google’s been working towards fixing the Wifi problem with their OnHub router. Google Wifi is the newest Wifi router from them with a modular design similar to other routers that try to stop dead zones and low signal in rooms further away from the router.


The router comes either in a single pack or a pack of three. Then you set one up as the first router and the others will repeat the wifi, covering the whole home in fast high strength wifi. There’s an app to control the Wifi, whether you want to stop you kids from watching Netflix or just turn off the Wifi completely.

The single pack is only $129, and the 3-pack is $299. It’ll be available┬áthis fall and will hopefully help families stop dead zones in their home or apartments.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to buy the Google Wifi routers, and how many you’re going to buy.

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