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Sony quietly announced an AirPods competitor: Xperia Ear

Back at SXSW Sony setup a display called ‘Future Lab Program‘ with a pair of around the neck headphones with a personal assistant. While the neckband style of headphones hasn’t panned out yet, the personal assistant has jumped from the futuristic headphones into Sony’s AirPod competitors. The Xperia Ear is a pair of wireless earbuds with a focus on having a personal assistant in your ear.

The personal assistant makes sense, particularly since Amazon, Apple, and Google are all working on voice assistants. Besides the terrible name, the overall look and feel of the earbuds is optimistic. The earbuds come with different ear pads to perfect fit anyone’s ear, instead of taking the one size fits all approach that Apple’s taking. There’s also a charging case that looks exactly like Apple’s charging and carrying case.

The Xperia Ears will start shipping this Fall, but with the name and Sony’s track record it’s unlikely they’ll come to America. However, I’m open to more earbuds all working towards lower prices and fewer hiccups with Bluetooth connections.

Tell us if you’d buy the Xperia Ear headphones in the comments below, or if you’d rather buy one of the other options available.