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Snapchat Spectacles will help you take Snaps without taking out your phone

Snapchat, the popular ephemeral messaging app, has been working on glasses with embedded cameras in them. This poorly kept secret spilled all over the internet when Business Insider was tipped to a YouTube video showing a device called Spectacles.

The now deleted video shows a pair of sunglasses with a camera near the edge of the bands. There’s a flash that turns on when you start recording, to help show everyone around you that you’re filming. It’s a small piece, but it’ll help people quell their fears of being filmed discreetly in public; a problem Google Glass encountered.

Snapchat Spectacles are Google Glasses but better looking

The video seems to be an ad for Spectacles by Snap Inc, which could be Snapchat’s branding to keep some distance from this project. There are a lot of rumors Snapchat could release these glasses to the public in the coming weeks, but there isn’t any word on pricing or additional features.

We’ll keep a close eye on the story 😉 Overall; the idea will help make Snapchat a little easier to use. It’ll keep you involved in what’s going on around you, and prevent you from peering through your phone to see the action. While I don’t think I’d wear these everywhere I go, I’d be interested in giving them a try from time to time.

Update 11:55 pm CST: The Spectacles have been confirmed by Snapchat. They’re going to be sold this fall for $130, which seems like a steal! Not only that but Snapchat as a company is rebranding to Snap Inc as they extend beyond the virtual world.

Features on the Spectacles:

  • 115-degree lens
  • will record circular video
  • go on sale this fall

The glasses will focus on first person point of view, so you can recall the events based on how you saw it. The 115-degree lens reflects a similar view as humans see, and the circular video is trying to mimic that too. All-in-all, I’m throwing my money at the screen. While they’ll market the glasses as a toy, they’ll be a net accessory to use with Snapchat.

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