Google will unveil a Google Home Wifi router for $129

Android Police published an exclusive story around the Google OnHub router and Google Home. The rumors around Google’s Oct 4th event points to a new smaller, cheaper OnHub router being unveiled alongside Google Home, Pixel devices, and 4K Chromecast devices.

The OnHub style router will feature Google Assistant, and work a lot like an Echo Dot. It’ll feature a small speaker but work better when paired with a larger better quality speaker. The router will supposedly cost $129, undercutting Amazon’s Echo but not their cheaper Echo Dot. It’ll also feature smart features a lot like Luma or Eero routers which pair multiple wifi repeaters to create large more robust home wifi.

Then the 4K Chromecast; that’ll of course support 4K video from any service capable of streaming 4K, aka Netflix. The device will likely cost $69, not much more than the Orginal Chromecast, and will support 5G networks. The downside to streaming 4K video is the strain on the network, but also if you don’t have a 4K TV there isn’t a lot of difference in picture quality.

So in short; don’t buy an OnHub router, Chromecast device, or Android phone in the coming week. Google’s upcoming event seems like they’ll introduce some interesting devices, which I’ll pick up once they go on sale. Not only that, but Google will further spark competition from not only Apple but also Amazon.

We’d love to hear what you think about Google’s upcoming Oct 4th event, and if you’d pick up Google router, Google Home, or a 4K Chromecast device.



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