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Let’s Hunt on Product Hunt

Each week I round up the best product on Product Hunt for you to check out. There are dozens of new podcasts, hundreds of new apps, and many more products launched on Product Hunt Each week. It’s hard to keep up, but luckily for you, I spend most my day lurking on the site. There were many more hunts I wanted to include, but these were the top ones I loved.

If you don’t know what Product Hunt is, I wrote a little description to help you understand:

Product Hunt is a service where you can share and discover new products. The site was founded byRyan Hoover in November of 2013, with funding from Y Combinator. The basis of the site is users submit a fresh podcast, an innovative app, other tech products, or wild gadgets. From there other users upvote the products onto the front page. The whole process feels a lot like Reddit but with a focus towards discovering products within the technology community.

I’m active on Product Hunt as @leonhitchens, where you can follow me!

Let’s hunt together!

Google Trips

Google knows everything about you from where you live and work, but they also know your browsing and purchasing habits. This allows Google to gather all your travel information, past and present, into one well-designed app. The app uses Gmail to read hotel reservations, flight plans, and other trip plans to help you stay in the know while traveling.


Insurance companies make everything difficult, slow, and overall a terrible experience. Lemonade is a peer to peer insurance company with the goal of keep operating costs low and paying out fast. I know, first though is; will this company be around in 2 years when you need to file a claim for an accident? The answers yes! There are strict regulations, and the company is backed by huge companies to make sure it stays solvent. In total, Lemonade will help keep insurance cost low, and maybe they start to disrupt the industry.

Amazon Prints

Amazon’s a powerhouse in dozens of markets, but they’re disrupting photo printing now with Amazon Prints. The competitors include Shutterfly, but there are scores of others who Amazon is undercutting. The printing service is a part of Amazon Cloud Drive, which is a direct competitor of Google Photos. Having everything stored online for every is amazing, but it’s great to have something print from time to time. While I won’t switch to Amazon Photos, but I’ll be more inclined to upload more of my photos there.


Pokemon Go is still a favorite app, but the media’s story around the app is it’s slowly dying. However, the millions of players would say otherwise. Pogolist is a curated list of resources for Pokemon Go. There are Pokemon Go calculators to help you figure out how many more resources you might need before you can evolve a Pokemon. There are also links to easter eggs, maps, and much more all in the app.

Newsletters are everywhere, and with they have some popular newsletters spanning dozens of tech topics. I’ve been subscribed to their VR newsletter where they round up the top VR news around the web. They’ve launched a website where you can now subscribe to multiple newsletters from them, and you’re also able to vote for new newsletter topics from streaming video to IoT.

Canary Flex

Canary has one of the best in home camera and security systems on the market. They’ve directly competed against Nest for some time, but after Nest had introduced their outdoor camera, Canary felt a little stale. With the introduction of the Canary Flex, Canary once again has an interesting product that’ll help you keep tabs on your home inside or out.