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Say hello to Google’s AI-powered messaging app; Allo

Google announced Allo back at Google I/O, and now you’re able to download the app on iOS and Android. There are features including end-to-end encryption, temporary private messages, AI-powered canned responses, and much more.

To start using the app you won’t need a Google account to use the app, but you will need to link your phone number to use the app.  You’re able to send SMS messages, but the app has been riddled with problems and lack of features promised at launch.  When you’re sending  SMS messages, there’s a weird system Google uses to send your message via a proxy number. It makes it look like your sending your message from a different number, and the invite link to use Allo comes via a 5-digit number. In total, it’s a confusing experience for new users.

Overall, Google’s built a better app than Hangouts, but the app is still clunky. While it’s faster than their other messaging solutions, it’s still not a fix all for Google’s messaging mess. I’m happy to start using the app, and Google Assitant, but it’ll be a big hurdle to get all my friends on the messaging app. I’ll have to continue to use Hangouts and slowly transition to Allo. The other option is just to use Apple’s messaging app that’s been completely rehauled in iOS 10.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of Allo, and if you’ve downloaded the app already!

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