The Atom app makes going to the movies easy again

Atom is an iOS and Android app is redesigning the movie going experience; the system is broken, clunky, and overall displeasing. The app is a direct competitor to Fandango, but at first glance, the app is easier to use and a better experience. The app lets you pay with Android Pay, skip the lines with paperless tickets, and even preorder your concessions.

The app is bringing the movie experience into the 21st-century with a little technology. You’re able to buy tickets through Atom with Regal, Edwards, AMC, ArcLight (California locations), Studio Movie Grill, and Silverspot Cinema theaters. The more theaters which support the movie going app will help make the app more familiar, but also put pressure on other apps like Fandango to add more features like in Atom.

I have stayed away from movie theaters for years because it’s hard to reserve a ticket, find seats, and the prices are downright outrageous. The Atom app makes buying tickets smooth, easy, and overall a better way to buy tickets than before. And, in the near future, I see theaters leaning on heavily on apps like Atom or Fandango. They’ll push moviegoers to these apps to sell tickets, and keep people in their seats.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Atom Tickets app, including if you rather buy tickets online or in person.



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