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Made by Google “Pixel” event teased for Oct. 4

Google started inviting the press to an event called “Made by Google.” In the invites, they tease a phone with the ‘Google’ logo to the right, and the date “Oct. 4” on the left. The company has also started rolling out advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on national TV for the Oct. 4 event.

Google also tossed together a website,, where you can sign up to be notified first of any news. Altogether, Google’s teasing the unveiling of the highly rumored Sailfish and Marlin ‘Nexus’ phones. It’s likely we’ll also see the new Pixel launcher, and Google’s new AI will finally launch to the public.

Google could have other products up their sleeves, including a tablet made by Huawei. Google Allo is also rumored to be launching this week, and we’ll likely see other Google I/O announcements being launched before the end of October.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Pixel/Nexus phones that are being talked about! Also, tell us if you’re going to upgrade to these phones or skip them this year?