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Slack introduces a beta that’s faster and nicer

If your like anyone at DB, you’re using Slack every day, all day. I have mixed feels about Slack; for one it’s a slow app and the constant notifications are a major distraction. At the same, it’s brought us the tools to work remotely and collaborate on another level.

On Windows 10 the Slack app was built on Electron, but the Mac app was built on MacGap, essentially a port of the web version.

Slack Beta

The beta looks the same as the non-beta slack, but the app is extremely fast since the update. Not the mention, there is no longer an ugly desktop frame and the team bar changes colors according to your teams color schemes. In total, the app feels much faster but still has a long way till it doesn’t take up a lot of resources.

You can download the Slack Beta today, and not have a worry of seeing a lot of bugs or crashes. I’m using both the Windows and Mac beta, and they’re fast and work like a charm. Sure, you see a few bugs here and there, but being an enterprise app, you won’t run into as many problems you’d run into with a consumer product.

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