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Rowkin introduces new wireless earbuds

After the iPhone 7 announce which removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, many are speculating what headphone makers are going to do. Apple introduced wireless earbuds, aptly named Airpods, and announced Beats would launch a series of wireless headphones too.  Rowkin, which has been selling a wireless earbud on Amazon for some time now, introduced some new wireless earbuds including the Rowkin Mini Plus+, Rowkin Bit, Rowkin Bit Charge.

The new Mini Plus+ is a single Bluetooth earbud with 3 hours of battery life, and the Bit is a stereo Bluetooth earbud also with 3 hours of battery life. The Bit Charge are the same Bluetooth earbuds as the Bit but comes with a charging case that will extend listening to double the time. The Mini Plus+ starts at $59; the Bit starts at $129, and the Bit Charge starts at $129.

You’re able to order the earbuds on Amazon now to get them in either a day or two depending on the shipping option you picked. Rowkin is marketing these devices ass the alternatives to Apple’s Airpods and the lightening connected earbuds. All-in-all, Rowkin is one of the first to respond to Apple going wireless. The earbuds are some of the cheapest options currently available when compared to Bragi headphones or Here.

I’ve recently started looking for wireless earbuds, and one big deciding factor of mine is pricing. The Bragi Dash earbuds cost $300, and the Bragi headphones are $150. They all have their problems from limited battery life to Bluetooth dropping in and out. Either way, the Rowkin look the best options for earbuds yet. I’ll have a review of the Rowkin Bit earbuds in the coming weeks so stay close to the website to see the review first!

Tell us what you think about the Rowkin earbuds in the comments below and if you’re going to pick them up on Amazon.