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Listen with Us: Oversubscribed Podcast

The Oversubscribed Podcast is a relatively new podcast hosted by Ben Parr and Jason Baptiste. Ben was the former editor of Mashable and CNET and now an investor and advisor to startups, while Jason is the CEO of a startup and author of a top selling book. The two friends are now producing a weekly 30-minute podcast talking about technology, media, and startups. They’ve talked about everything from Gawker’s downfall to Netflix films and VR.

They have a deep understand of the media and technology industry which enables them to take positions on topics and talk about startups or news in an authoritative way.  Them having the podcast limited to 30 minutes means little to no rambling and focus on the subjects at hand.

They’ve started season 2 about two weeks ago and will continue to record until the election, which is closing in few weeks. All-in-all, the podcast has quickly become one of my favorite listens so far with their inside knowledge of tech and media.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Oversubscription Podcast. Also, don’t forget to tell them we sent you there way!