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Pokemon Go works on the Apple Watch

Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 500 million times since the launch. The wildly popular game became a cultural phenomenon over the past few months. While some say the game is slowly dying, it’s still being downloaded and played by millions of players. Pokemon Go was supposed to have an exclusive wearable device that let you put your phone away and still know when there was a Pokemon nearby or a Poke stop.

Now Nintendo announced the Apple Watch could help you play Pokemon Go. The Apple Watch support will let you keep your phone in your pocket as you check in at Poke stops, hatch eggs, and a bunch of other features! While you’ll still need to pull your phone out to catch Pokemon, you’ll be able to play and conserve you’re the battery.


This integration┬ámakes the Apple Watch more useful, and makes Pokemon Go much easier to play! Either way, this is a great way to stay active and not have to constantly check your phone to see what’s going on in the augmented reality.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re still playing Pokemon Go and if you’re going to play the game on the Apple Watch!