Bragi introduces cheaper truly wireless earbuds

Bragi Dash were the first wireless earbuds we saw become a hit on Kickstarter raising well over $3 million. The earbuds were sports focused with smart features to track your workouts and play music along the way. The downside to the Dash earbuds were the $300 price tag, but today Bragi introduced a new simpler, less smart, earbuds for half the price. The “Bragi Headphones” will retail for $149, but you can pre-order the headphones for $119.

The headphones have 6 hours of battery, which is better than most wireless earbuds from companies like Samsung or Motorola who have only been able to squeeze three or four hours at most. The headphones won’t charge from the case like the Bragi Dash, because of the different charging ports. On top of that, the headphones lack onboard storage or other smart features. These are the lower cost budget versions from Bragi, and the Bragi Dash are the premium splurge items.

The dramatic price cut means dumber and less capable earbuds, but they’re still wireless and very capable. The price tag makes them more accessible to normals when they’re prompted with either buying the Bragi headphones or Beats, they may pick the Bragi for the slim for factor. Either way, truly wireless earphones are becoming an extremely hot market with new Kickstarters popping up all the time.

I’m going to pick up the Bragi Headphones because I want earbuds that are unintrusive, but also high enough quality they don’t drop Bluetooth or sound terrible.  Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to pre-order the Bragi Headphones or do you have your eyes on a different pair of truly wireless earbuds?



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