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Kickstart a voice controlled home assistant named L.U.C.Y

Voice assistants were once a thing of sci-fi movies, but now we have dozens of voice assistants vying for all of our attention.  One Kickstarter is creating a voice assistant that lives within your home, a lot like the movie Smart House from Disney. L.U.C.Y is a smart assistant that lives on a 17-inch touch screen that can show weather information, show family notes, or double as an art poster.

They’re making the voice assistant your families companion with support for IFTTT, ability to control your smart home, ability to send messages, and facial recognization. The device is easy to set up, and can learn new features to help automate your life from playing music when you come home to turning on the lights. There’s even an app for the device with a family tracker and other unique features that make the device even more compelling.

The smart 17-inch touch screen can be pre-ordered for $399 on Kickstarter now, which is $300 off the retail price. There are larger models up to 27-inch available, which can run you up to $900. The campaign has raised $27,224 with 46 days to go out of their $115,000 goal.

All-in-all, the device might not fit everyone’s budget or needs. The idea of having a smart assistant at home is becoming more popular as devices like the Alexa gain traction. L.U.C.Y might have an uphill battle breaking into everyone’s home, but she’s got a good start with third party developer access.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to pick up one of the devices, or if it’s just a little too much to justify right now. Also, don’t forget to tell them we sent you their way!