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Listen with us: Hit Reply Podcast

Starting a startup is beyond stressful, but when you only see what’s happening on TechCrunch or Product Hunt; everything looks happy go lucky. The Hit Reply podcast is about the journey of working on building a startup when you have full-time jobs, family, and bills to pay. The podcast is the story behind We are Contrast, and the two founders Fred and Mike. The firs episode they explain their back story, what they’re going to cover and just talk to us a little.

The Hit Reply podcast isn’t the first of its kind either. A podcast called Startup from Gimlet Media told a story about the struggle with pitching VC’s, hiring new employees, and growing their podcast network.  I was captivated by the podcast and getting to see behind the curtains. A lot of their success is attributed to the Startup podcast, and rightfully so. It showed a side of a tech startup we haven’t seen yet. Now, Hit Reply is trying to do something similar, if not exactly the same. I’m not faulting them for it either! I’m hooked on the quick 10-minute intro they gave and wanted to hear more of their story. I am facing the same struggles they’re facing as I’m trying to start up a Media company and focus on growth, money management, and hiring.

I’m excited to hear more from the guys from the struggles they face in their personal lives and in their business ventures. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the podcast so far. Also, don’t forget to tell them we sent you there way!

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