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stop subscription overload with Subscribly

I’ve subscribed to dozens of online services, apps, and who knows what else. Every app or website today is moving away from one-time purchases to monthly or some sort of subscription. While I’d rather pay $49 a month for Adobe Creative Cloud, I have become inundated with subscriptions nickel and diming my bank account each month. I could use services like Mint or other money and budgeting apps, but I’d rather not see how much money I spend on energy drinks or eating out each month. Luckily one app, Subscribly,  is helping anyone track their monthly bills and subscriptions with a straightforward and convenient to use dashboard.

The app doesn’t connect to your bank account, so your information is always secure. Instead, the app let’s you pick when the bill recurs each month for common services like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Netflix, Spotify and dozens of other online services. You’re also able to add custom subscriptions whether it’s your monthly cable bill or monthly subscription for Gimlet Media.

The Subscribly app is the perfect way to keep track of your monthly subscriptions without having to use pen and paper. The app is only on Android at the moment, with an iOS version in the roadmap.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to use the app to track all your subscriptions from the monthly $0.99 for a random app you never us to the more important Netflix subscription. Also, don’t forget to tell Subscribly we sent you there way!