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Write the perfect emails with artificial intelligence

Writing an important email is stressful enough, but trying to find the balance between politeness and getting to te point is getting a little easier with Boomerang Respondable. The Gmail plugin helps you craft the perfect email with tips on subject length, word count, the number of questions, reading level, politeness, positivity, and more.

The plugin is perfect for when you’re emailing a client about payment and want to be polite but direct. It’s also ideal for dozens of other cases when you might say things that aren’t going to be received well by email. A well-written email when reporting to a boss or client can make a huge difference and help you land a new position or help you grab a customer for another project.

The plugin is only available for Gmail, but it’s possible to see the plugin ported to Outlook, Google Inbox, and other online email clients shortly. The plugin is free, and overall a new idea. I use Grammarly to check for all my advanced spelling and grammar mistakes, but now I’m able also to check some things including verbiage and how the email might be received. It’s further augmenting our relationships, and making them canned responses, but I see it as a filter of sorts keeping us all in check.