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Pinterest buys Instapaper for an undisclosed amount

Pinterest just bought the popular “Save Later” app Instapaper, available on the App Store for $3.99 from Betaworks. The motives from Pinterest aren’t clear yet, but in some ways, they do the same things. Instapaper saves/bookmarks interesting content for you to read or enjoy later, and Pinterest saves internets books, crafts, or other things for you to reference later.

Instapaper is thriving, and I am pretty excited to see what Pinterest can do for it. They already own some already have a great team of designers and developers, so I can’t wait to see it grow. Instapaper has taken a back seat in the save it later market to Pocket who’s developed apps for almost every platform. The thing Instapaper has going for it is how stupidly simple the design and overall function of the app is. If you’re a Pocket user like myself, I’d still recommend giving Instapaper a try.

Do you use any favorite save later apps? What do you think the future of Instapaper is after the Pinterest acquisition? Let us know in the comments down below!

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