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Pebble releases update to OS for older watches

Pebble Time 2.0 are starting to ship from their latest Kickstarter. Before everyone gets’s their newest Pebble’s the smartwatch startup is going to reward Pebble Time watch owners with a significant update to their WatchOS with OS 4.0

The new update focuses both on developers and users, with a new category focusing on apps “optimized for 4.0.”

Pebble started the smartwatch craze when their Kickstarter broke records, and their watches have continued to sell like crazy for a startup. They’ve sold millions of watches and built a custom OS around a timeline instead of just apps. The 4.0 update includes a lot of nuanced updates, but the most relevant refreshes include:

Timeline App Glances

The ‘Timeline’ is a feature introduced with their Time series of watches. It gives users the ability to scroll through and see an overview of their entire day. The big issue was you still had to navigate through apps to see pertinent info, but now you’re able to see info like the current temperature or part of a text.  It’s outstanding to see that Pebble is introducing App Glances, which will make scrolling through the apps a little more useful. launcher

Timeline Quick View

The biggest problem with the Pebble Timeline was when a notification came in it would take up your whole screen. The new feature allows the notifications to bump up the time to show you a quick view of notification.

It allows you to stay on a watch face you like and stop pressing the back button to dismiss notifications.


All-in-all, the Pebble OS 4.0 update is going to bring a lot of updates for developers to open up new APIs, add icons to the launcher, and bring new ways to read the heart monitor and microphone. While Pebble references Pokemon Go in a lot of the developer article, it’s unlikely we’ll see some integration between the watch and the successful mobile game.

Do you have a Pebble? Are you going to download the update? Let us know in the comments below!

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