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You can now unlock your Chromebook via Pin

Until now Chromebook users had to use their Google account password or a paired smartphone to unlock their device. The feature is still experimental but Google Developer François Beaufort informs us on how to enable the feature for use on your Chromebook.

‘All you have to do is enable the flag chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin, restart Chrome, and go to Chrome Material Design settings page, for now, to set up your Lock Screen PIN in the new “Screen Lock” section. When it’s done, lock your screen with + L and enjoy the new unlock experience!”

The feature is only used for unlocking your lock screen but not replace your initial password when you first boot up your device. It’s a pretty neat feature that I’m sure is warmly welcomed by the community. It’s a feature I wish was welcomed to the macOS operating software, but with the latest update, we also can unlock it with the Apple Watch.

It’s a small addition but worth it for a lot of power users who are logging on and off frequently. What are your thoughts? Should it replace the boot up login? Let us know in the comments down below!