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Microsoft adds support to PC’s for wireless controllers

The newest Xbox one controllers now have Bluetooth support, but its gamers have always had to connect a dongle to use the controller on PCs. Not anymore. It’s not quite a solution just yet, but Microsoft has teamed up with Lenovo to have a built in receiver to connect your remote to the PC. Currently, the wireless feature only works with the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube but expect to see more computer manufacturers adopting this soon.

I can’t see manufacturers including this in the d8686450e-6128-43b4-ad61-caa43670b753esign of their laptops, but a USB stick could be a great third party accessory. If Microsoft could make an external USB receiver, then players can connect their remote wirelessly. It’s cool to see Microsoft introducing technology like this as they roll out the Xbox One S later this month.

Are you buying the Xbox One S? What do you think of ditching the dongle? Let us know in the comments below!