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Automatic introduces 3G connector to make your car smarter

Automatic has sold an OBS device that’s connect your car to a smartphone to see gas mileage, diagnose check engine lights, and much more. The only downside is you needed to have your phone on you to use the features or track where the car was. Now, Automatic introduced the Automatic Pro which is connected via 3G, but the greatest part is there is no subscription fee.

The new device has a new app to connect to the adaptor and includes features like real-time vehicle location tracking, a new and improved Crash Alert feature, integration with the world’s first app store for the car, the Automatic App Gallery, and much more! Automatic is focusing heavily on apps and IFTT integration for more features. There are recipes to turn your Nest Thermostat down when you arrive home, or to turn off the lights in your house when you drive away.

I’ve owned the older Automatic OBS devices to track mileage, see locations, and check what was wrong when the check engine light comes on. A lot of folks have complained how the app drained their battery or wasn’t enough to keep the car always connected. I have always just enjoyed seeing mileage when I step away from my car, and the new device will keep my car always connected!

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to buy an Automatic Pro, and what feature you’re looking forward to the most!

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