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Yes, there could be a “Space Black” iPhone 7

As iPhone day gets closer and closer by the day, more and more leaked images/rumors will continue to show up, but it’s not that we haven’t seen plenty of leaked images showing a smart connector or fancy “flat” home button. It’s the fact that a while back there were some rumors about a Black/Space Black iPhone 7 possibly hitting consumers. The leaks slowly came to rest with follow-up rumors. They’re back, and this time with the smart pin connector, dual camera setup, and a flat home button.


We all want to see the dual lens configuration and a smart connector which could lead to wireless (sorta) charging and better camera optics. The Space Black color would be a nice addition to the already four different color schemes. Silver, Space Grey, Rose Gold, and Gold are the current color schemes. If they introduce the Space Black color that has me thinking, If they introduce the new color there has to be a Space Black Macbook somewhere in their right? Who knows? We won’t know for sure until we see it.

What do you think? Will they introduce the Space Black iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments below!