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GoPro is going to sell it’s VR rig starting August 17th


GoPro has announced that they will be opening up sales of their six-camera rig “Omni” to the public consumer. They will start shipping pre-orders of the rig to those that have already reserved theirs. The package is priced at $,5000 for the kit. Which includes six GoPro Hero 4 Blacks, Licenses for their software, and of course the hardware to house all of the cameras. They will also be offering a $1,500 kit which includes less equipment and no software licenses.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.31.28 PM
Together, the rig is worth the price. GoPro’s are already known for their stunning HD video quality and paired with the rigs features like Pixel Syncing and all of the GoPro’s cameras synced up to the Omni, It’s worth the price for decent budget films. The Omni also has a central hub or “brain” that lets you plug in all of the GoPro’s and from there, you select the settings on the primary camera to apply to all of the GoPro’s. It’s efficient by the looks and functions and would be worth it if your business is in the film industry. If GoPro wants to send an Omni out to DigitalBounds for review, I wouldn’t mind that either. Remember Pre-orders ship August 17th as well as sales opening up to the public.

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